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Scratch Dice: A Fusion of Fun and Chance

In the sphere of online gaming, it’s always thrilling to discover a game that provides a unique twist. BGaming’s Scratch Dice does just that, offering an irresistible blend of instant lotteries and dice games. With its launch in 2017, Scratch Dice found its niche, primarily within the mobile gaming market. The game offers a wide betting range with a minimum and maximum bet of $1.00, and the possibility to win up to 180 times the initial bet.

Scratch Dice  Demo playable for free

Scratch Dice

Visuals and Audio

Akin to an artist’s vibrant palette, Scratch Dice boasts high-definition graphics and vivid colors. The lively visuals immerse the players into a captivating gaming experience. The game stands out with its authentic scratching technique, mimicking real-life lottery tickets. Accompanied by distinctive music and sound effects, it amplifies the anticipation and excitement of revealing what lies underneath the scratch zone.

Gameplay Mechanics

The rules of Scratch Dice are straightforward, allowing new players to quickly become familiar with the game mechanics. At the heart of the game are the lottery tickets, adorned with hidden dice symbols beneath their scratch zones. Scratching away the surface reveals these symbols, with the objective being to land three identical ones in a row. Combinations can range anywhere from 1-1-1 to 6-6-6, guaranteeing an immediate win.

There’s an added twist: the “Street”. A subsequent sequence of symbols from 1-2-3 to 4-5-6 yields the elusive Golden Ticket. This special feature magnifies the game’s thrill as it has the power to increase payouts when a winning combination is unveiled.

Scratch Dice

How to Play Scratch Dice

Here is a simplified step-by-step guide on how to play Scratch Dice:

  1. Purchase a ticket by pressing ‘BUY’.
  2. Scratch the covered area to reveal the result. This can be done with your mouse cursor, or hands (if on a touchscreen), or simply by pressing ‘REVEAL’.
  3. Winning combinations yield a prize based on the paytable, which correlates to the outcome.
  4. A ‘Street’ combination earns a Gold Ticket. Scratch this to potentially win a prize based on the Gold Ticket paytable.

It’s important to note that the ticket price is fixed and all plays are void if the machine malfunctions. Moreover, unfinished games will conclude every six hours.

Payout Structure

Scratch Dice’s payout structure is one of its key attractions. The standard and Gold Ticket paytables are as follows:

Standard Paytable:

  • 1 1 1: x10
  • 2 2 2: x15
  • 3 3 3: x20
  • 4 4 4: x25
  • 5 5 5: x30
  • 6 6 6: x40

Gold Ticket Paytable:

  • 1 1 1: x30
  • 2 2 2: x60
  • 3 3 3: x90
  • 4 4 4: x120
  • 5 5 5: x150
  • 6 6 6: x180

Scratch Dice


BGaming’s Scratch Dice reimagines the conventional lottery and dice games into a unique and exhilarating online gaming experience. It effortlessly combines simplicity and excitement with the potential for significant payouts. Whether you are a novice gamer looking for an easy-to-understand game or an experienced player seeking new thrills, Scratch Dice could be your game of choice.

Scratch Dice

5,0 rating
💎 100% up to 1000€|$
💎 plus 50 free spins
✅ monthly cashback
✅ VIP program
✅ loyality program
✅ Rakeback programm
✅ Reward bonuses
⭐ non-sticky Bonus
⭐ wager only 40x Bonus
⭐ NO max. bet per spin
4,8 rating
4,8 rating
💎 150% up to 200$
✅ or 100% up to 1000$
✅ 170% up to 600$ (with BTC)
✅ 100% up to 500$ reload bonus
✅ 10% Crypto Cashback
✅ many more promotions
⭐Sticky Bonus
⭐Wager 30x D + B
⭐5$ max. bet
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