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JustBet Casino Review

JustBet is a decentralized, on-chain casino that allows users to either participate as players or earn as part of the house. Each bet made on the platform rewards users with tokens, granting them a permanent share in the casino and entitling them to daily revenue sharing. Bets are made directly through the user’s wallet and are settled instantly to their address, ensuring a process free from middlemen, KYC requirements, and potential tampering. This approach emphasizes transparency and straightforwardness in online betting.

JustBet Casino Review

JustBet Casino, developed by WINR Labs, is a decentralized casino platform. It features a multi-asset pool to support games, allowing liquidity providers to earn yield from bets and platform fees. The platform also incentivizes players through the emission of vWINR tokens, which can be staked or vested for real yield from bets and platform fees. Additionally, JustBet uses the Supra VRF system to ensure tamper-proof, unbiased, and cryptographically verifiable random outputs in its games.

JustBet Casino Review

JustBet Casino Registration Methods

  1. Web3 Wallets:
    • Initial Setup: Users require a browser wallet supporting Arbitrum, with MetaMask being a popular choice.
    • Adding Arbitrum: It’s necessary to add Arbitrum to MetaMask.
    • Importing Platform Tokens: Users are recommended to import WINR, VWINR, and WLP tokens to their wallet for balance tracking, using specific contract addresses and symbols provided in the JustBet documentation.
  2. Smart Accounts (Account Abstraction):
    • Convenience: Enables gaming without a Web3 wallet, utilizing familiar social accounts for login, reducing transaction steps, and offering minimal gas fees.
    • Setup and Usage: Users log in with their social accounts on Just.Bet, allowing streamlined transactions and gas fee-free operations within games, maintaining convenience without compromising security.

JustBet Casino Review

Deposits and Withdrawals at JustBet 

Withdrawing Funds:

    • Navigate to the withdrawal section in the smart account.
    • Choose the token and amount for withdrawal.
    • Specify the recipient’s address or use a connected Web3 wallet.
    • Important: Ensure the correct network is used to avoid fund loss.

Depositing Funds:

    • Access your wallet via the wallet icon.
    • Deposit using specified tokens on the Arbitrum Network.
    • Methods of Deposit:
      • Regular Transfer via CEX: Use the smart account address for transfers.
      • Transfer via Web3 Wallet: Connect your wallet and approve the transaction.
      • Credit Card Payment Gateway: Follow the on-site instructions for credit card transactions. KYC may be required.

Bridge to Arbitrum

Bridging to Arbitrum for JustBet involves several options for transferring funds. Major centralized exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, and Okx support the Arbitrum network, enabling direct ETH deposits and withdrawals to your Arbitrum wallet. Additionally, you can use the official Arbitrum Bridge or Across to bridge funds from Ethereum. Synapse also offers a bridging service from various networks including Polygon, Optimism, and BNB Chain to Arbitrum.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Games Selection

JustBet Casino offers a variety of games, each with unique gameplay:

Games Selection

  1. Keno: Choose up to 10 numbers from 1-40 and match them against 10 randomly drawn numbers.
  2. Horse Race: Bet on one of five horses, each with different winning probabilities and payouts.
  3. Moon: Predict when a virtual moon will ‘crash’ for increasing multipliers.
  4. Plinko: Drop a ball down a pegged board to land in multiplier slots.
  5. Coin Flip: A simple game with a 50% chance to double your bet.
  6. Range: Bet on whether a number between 0-100 falls within a chosen range.
  7. Wheel: Bet on where a spinning wheel with various colored slots will stop.
  8. Dice: Select dice faces for adjusted payout multipliers.
  9. Rock, Paper, Scissors: Classic game against the house with a standard win-lose-draw outcome.
  10. Limbo: Similar to Moon, bet on multiplier outcomes with the freedom for multiple strategies.
  11. Video Poker (Jacks or Better): Create the best poker hand for higher payouts.
  12. Slots: A 3-reel slot game with straightforward rules.
  13. Roulette: Predict the pocket where the ball will land on a spinning wheel.
  14. Mines: Navigate a minefield grid to find hidden diamonds without triggering mines.
  15. Baccarat: Bet on the outcome of hands between the player, banker, or a tie.
  16. Lottery: Choose six numbers for a chance to win based on the prize pool.

Coin Flip

Provably Fair

JustBet Casino employs a Provably Fair system to ensure the integrity of its games:

  • On-Chain Verification: Random numbers for game outcomes are generated and verified on-chain.
  • Process:
    1. Players initiate a bet by approving the transaction.
    2. The game’s smart contract requests a random number (VRF) from the SupraOracles smart contract.
    3. SupraOracles generates an off-chain seed using distributed VRF technology.
    4. After receiving the response from SupraOracles, the WINR Protocol contract commences the payout transaction.

This system guarantees that there is no tampering with game outcomes, providing a transparent and trustworthy gaming experience.

Provably Fair

Jackpot at JustBet

The Jackpot feature at JustBet Casino involves a portion of each bet contributing to a casino-wide jackpot, which is then divided into two parts:

  1. Leaderboard Competitions:
    • Weekly competitions are held for the highest betting volume.
    • The top 10 players on this leaderboard share half of the jackpot.
    • Rewards are claimed through the promotions page.
  2. Jackpot to Betting:
    • The other half of the jackpot is randomly awarded to a bet within the subsequent 100,000 bets.
    • The likelihood of winning increases as the counter nears the 100,000th bet.,

Jackpot at JustBet

JustBet NFT’s

JustBet incorporates NFTs into its platform for promotions and rewards. These NFTs, obtainable through WINR tokens or competitions, include:

  • Minting Booster: Enhances vWINR minting, with an expiry date and varying rarities affecting the multiplier.
  • Scratchcard: Traditional scratchcards for vWINR rewards, with different rarities indicating potential vWINR amounts.
  • Loot Boxes: Non-tradeable NFTs offering a chance to win platform NFTs upon opening.
  • Badges: Granted for achievements, these non-transferable NFTs reward players with loot boxes.
  • Streak Repair: Helps maintain betting streaks, used once and then burned.

JustBet NFT's

WINR (Real Yield)

WINR is the native token of the WINR Protocol, on which JustBet is built. Betting on JustBet earns players WINR tokens, and the more they bet, the more they earn. Players can receive a vested version of WINR, called vWINR, from game contracts associated with the WINR Liquidity Pool. vWINR can be staked for passive income or converted to WINR. Staking involves depositing vWINR on the staking page and confirming the transaction. Rewards are distributed daily in WLP, claimable through the staking page.

WINR Protocol

Real Crypto Trading (up to 1000x Leverage)

DegensBet (available on JustBet) is a platform designed for crypto enthusiasts who enjoy high-stakes betting. It offers a unique betting experience with crypto-themed games like “1000x Perp,” catering to a range of players from high-risk leverage experts to avid airdrop chasers. This platform is specifically tailored for those who relish the excitement of wagering in the crypto world.

Real Crypto Trading


JustBet’s smart contract system is anchored in the WINR single-player and multiplayer game engine, which also connects to the WINR Protocol as a Vault Manager. This structure ensures the integrity and reliability of JustBet’s gaming operations, providing a secure framework for both players and the platform itself.

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4,8 rating
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4,8 rating
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