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The Best Online Casino Reviews — How FreeSpins777 Helps You Choose An Online Casino

Want to play awesome online casino games and read the Best Online Casino Reviews but not sure where to start? You’re not alone! In fact, this issue is far more challenging to solve nowadays as the online casino market explodes.

Let’s face it, the Internet can be pretty scary if you don’t know where to look — and that’s doubly true for online casinos. Choose the wrong option, and you could be out of hard-earned cash. Plus, as the number of available online casinos keeps soaring, finding the safest places to satisfy your slot cravings isn’t getting any easier. 

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Before signing up for a casino and taking your first spin, it’s important to schedule some time to read the best casino reviews from experts like FreeSpins777. We’ve done all the hard work of combing through the good, bad, and ugly online casinos, so you don’t have to take any chances when picking your platform. After researching our latest online casino ratings, you’ll feel more confident about choosing the best fit for your fun-seeking.

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Unravel the Newest Slot & Live Games

At, we continuously strive to keep you updated with the latest and the most exciting slot games in the market. We offer playable demos for each slot game, allowing you to experience the thrill and excitement before you commit to playing with real money.

Why Trust FreeSpins777’s Online Casino Reviews? 

The best casino reviews are also the most honest casino reviews. Our team of reviewers takes this transparency to heart when evaluating and writing about every online casino we run across. When you read through FreeSpins777’s top online casino reviews, you’ll always find we get straight to the point and take a direct, no-holds-barred approach to telling you what we feel and why. 

Besides the honesty in our reviews, our experienced team has a tried-and-true formula for finding winning casinos. In every online casino review we post, we make sure you’re fully aware of the site’s security (including its history, reputation, and licensing standards) and other essential features, like customer service, UI/UX, and the variety of games available. With all this information, you’ll understand all the intricacies of how an online casino operates by the time you finish reading a review. 

The FreeSpins777 Criteria: How We Review Online Casinos 

When screening a new online casino for review, FreeSpins777 has a standard checklist to ensure we treat every option fairly and don’t miss critical details. As you explore the top online casino reviews on FreeSpins777, you’ll run across all of the following metrics to give you a comprehensive view of different casino operators. 

Licensing Credentials 

The most transparent way to get a read on any online casino is to look at their official licenses. Not all online casino licenses have the same reputation for thoroughness in the industry, so seeing which credentials a platform has is immensely helpful when reviewing different options. Typically, once our reviewers find the current license status for an online casino, they have a good baseline expectation of the quality of the site’s offerings.

Briefly, here are the four significant licenses we look out for when evaluating different online casinos:

  • Malta Gaming Authority (MGA): This is often considered the top online gambling accreditation due to its high reputation for extreme screenings and cost per examination. 
  • UK Gambling Commission (UKGC): Similar to the MGA, the UKGC has a solid reputation for thoroughness in its screening and usually indicates a serious online casino offering. 
  • Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA): While some online casinos favor the tax incentives of the GRA standard, it’s generally a notch below the MGA and UKGC’s reputation for thorough vetting. 
  • Curacao Gaming Control Board: Curacao licenses are easier to obtain and more affordable, hence they’re attractive to online casinos. However, this is often considered the lowest quality of the four major license types, so FreeSpins777 takes extra care to fill in any „blank spots“ with our reviews. 

Security Standards

Licensing can give us a clue into the reliability of an online casino platform, but it’s only a starting point for our reviewers. While it’s important to see a high-quality license when looking into an online casino’s standards, we still need to do our due diligence to ensure this platform meets exceptional data privacy and security standards. 

For example, we take great care to research the data encryption standards and privacy policies listed on each online casino and see how they stack up against competitors. Online casinos should have a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) system, which use encryption technologies to automatically scramble data and prevent malicious actors from intercepting a website. It’s also best practice for online casinos to offer two-factor authentication (2FA), so gamers have another layer of security. 

It’s also critical for high-quality online casinos to have secure payment systems with mainstream, verified payment processors (e.g., Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal). If there aren’t many approved ways to pay through an online casino portal — or if there’s limited data on how they encrypt this sensitive data — chances are there’s something sketchy you should know about.

We also love to read independent audits and online testimonials for online casinos to get an unbiased look into the platform’s operations. FreeSpins777 uses this third-party data to gain more insights into how this online casino operates and whether it has a solid reputation.

Payment Minimums and Average Transfer Speeds

When you’re dealing with online casinos with real money, you don’t want there to be any snags or stalls when sending funds. Don’t worry; we understand how important it is to know your money will safely move between your personal finance account and an online casino. That’s why we include a detailed review of how to transfer funds to and from an online casino, average transfer speeds, and rules such as minimum and maximum deposits. 

While bank transfers are quick and easy in many jurisdictions, we also consider international customers who may not have access to the banks affiliated with an online casino site. In these cases, it’s ideal to find many other payment options, including debit or credit cards, fintech apps like PayPal, or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Also, if we notice anything fishy in this department, we’ll let you know to avoid these scary scenarios. 

Customer Support Options

The point of FreeSpins777’s reviews is to front-run any potential issues at online casinos, but sometimes players run into problems even on highly-rated websites. While glitches and errors sometimes happen, it’s never acceptable for an online casino to leave its customers in the dark. That’s why we place significant importance on reviewing each online casino’s customer service protocols. 

Can you reach an online casino’s staff member 24/7, and if so, how can you get in touch with them? For instance, does this online casino have live chat, live phone support, or just ticketed emails? 

Generally, it’s best if online casinos offer rapid responses through a live chat or toll-free phone number, as these help resolve potential issues quickly. While email support is better than nothing, it can be frustratingly slow to address your questions as you wait for back-and-forth responses. 

Game Variety

Quality doesn’t always trump quantity, especially in the online casino world. Don’t get us wrong, our reviewers still prioritize high-quality game titles, but we also recognize that you’re going to get bored playing one game over and over again. 

No matter how amazing your favorite casino game is, variety is why you’re going to stay interested and keep returning to an online casino. Without a comprehensive list of different types of games, including live dealer events, slots, and video poker, you won’t last on one platform for all that long. 

To make sure an online casino site will provide you with more than a few hours of enjoyment, we always include game variety as a key metric in our online casino ratings. Again, this feature doesn’t mean we don’t consider a game’s playability, but we take care to figure out just how diverse a platform is. 


Usability isn’t a „nice to have“ feature on an online casino. Sure, a site’s UI/UX isn’t as significant as its safety reputation, but it plays a major role in your enjoyment. Since having fun is a major reason people get into online casinos, it makes sense to place a heavy emphasis on how easy it is to navigate a website or mobile app. 

Nobody’s got time to deal with clunky screen layouts or complicated menus to find and play the games they want. In our best online casino reviews, we rate just how intuitive these platforms are so you can be mentally prepared if there are a few glitchy spots on a gambling portal. 


You’ll notice we put bonuses at the end of our online casino review criteria. What’s the deal with that? Well, it’s not that welcome bonuses aren’t great, but they tend to draw you in without preparing your expectations. While that’s understandable from a marketing perspective, please understand these bonuses often aren’t as good as they appear on paper — especially if you pull out a microscope and read the Terms & Conditions. 

Although we never advise joining an online casino solely for a bonus, this could be a determining factor if you’re on the fence between a few highly rated online casinos. There are some legit deals where you could earn serious cash, but you’ve got to manage your expectations with these promos. Don’t worry; we’ll give you the straight talk on what an online casino offers so you don’t get blindsided by these bonuses.

FAQs On Finding The Best Online Casino Reviews 

Are online casino reviews reliable?

There’s no way to give a blanket statement on whether online casino reviews are 100% reliable. Some websites like FreeSpins777 take careful time to provide you with a comprehensive and unbiased overview of each online casino we review, but the same can’t be said about every website. For instance, there are some online casino reviews which may be influenced by advertising or affiliations with specific casinos. Whenever you’re reading an online casino rating, you have to check the reliability of the team behind your review and their criteria for evaluating each option to gauge its trustworthiness. 

How can I trust the ratings on an online casino review site?

If you’re trying to determine if an online casino review is legit, carefully consider two traits: Transparency and reputation. Trustworthy online casino reviews shouldn’t feel the need to hide their evaluation criteria and, if relevant, potential conflicts of interest. It also helps to look through the history of an online casino review site so you know they have a proven track record of delivering high-quality, unbiased evaluations to their readers. If you keep these features at the front of your mind, chances are you’ll have no issues gauging the reliability of your review site.

Are there any red flags to watch out for when reading online casino reviews?

When you’re reading through online casino reviews, pay careful attention to language that doesn’t appear to be authentic and objective. While an overly optimistic review doesn’t mean a review site is „biased,“ it’s rare for honest online casino reviews to have zero critiques. 

It’s also important for online casino review sites to be as straightforward with readers about their judging criteria, history, and noteworthy affiliations. You may be reading a dishonest review if you can’t easily find or request information. 

In-depth Online Casino Reviews

Our team at conducts detailed reviews of various online casinos, analyzing each aspect of their offerings to help you make an informed decision. We leave no stone unturned and rigorously test online casinos to provide you with the most comprehensive reviews. We ensure transparency so you can choose an online casino that suits your preferences and requirements best.

Geographical Flexibility

No matter where you are, we have something for you. You can always select your country on our platform, and we will customize the offerings based on your geographical location.

Tips for Getting Started on Your First Online Casino 

After you’ve studied multiple online casinos and feel comfortable testing one out, it’s a good idea to put a few preliminary techniques in place. Following these tips helps keep you safe before going all-in on a new casino platform. 

  • Start with minimum deposit: As a precaution, it’s best to stay close to the minimum deposit threshold when getting acquainted with a new casino interface. With this tiny sum, you won’t feel ripped off if you don’t like some aspect of your online casino or run into difficulties using this platform. 
  • Double-check WiFi security: Since you’ll be sending sensitive financial data through an online casino, you need to ensure you have a robust „cyber shield“ on these platforms. Never use public WiFi when accessing casino sites to prevent this data from leaking out, and consider using a VPN for extra privacy. 
  • Use 2FA and a strong password: Don’t settle for a simple password for a speedy sign-in. A difficult-to-remember password creates a more substantial barrier between your online casino account and a potential hacker. Also, if your online casino offers it, consider incorporating a 2FA app to make it even more difficult for others to break into your account. 
  • Set a budget: It’s easy to get swept up while playing casino games and spend more than you had intended. To avoid letting emotions get the best of you, write down your max budget before going onto an online casino and be strict about sticking to it. 

Find The Best Online Casino Reviews at FreeSpins777

If you’re just diving into online casinos, or you’re looking for your new favorite gaming platform, take full advantage of the resources on FreeSpins777. With our detailed and unbiased reviews, you’ll easily find the best online casinos to get your game on. No matter what country you live in, FreeSpins777 has the best online casino reviews to help you find a safe and fun platform.

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