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Experience the thrill of Double Ball Roulette online casino with unique strategies & winning odds. Play for real & aim for the 1300x payout! Double Ball Roulette comes from Evolution Gaming and Games Marketing. It adds an exciting twist with an extra ball. This means you can win more on your inside bets. It was launched in May 2016 and can be played at King Casino and other top sites. The game offers a big jackpot of 1300:1. Players enjoy high-quality live streams, many bet types, and chatting with live dealers.

Double Ball Roulette Online Casino

The game has a return to player (RTP) rate of 97.3%. This makes for a good chance to win. It’s also not too risky, which can be nice. You can start betting from as little as £0.25. The game’s controls are easy to use whether you are on a computer or a mobile.

Double Ball Roulette Online Casino (List)

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Double Ball Roulette Online Casino Key Takeaways

  • Double Ball Roulette was introduced by Evolution Gaming in 2016, featuring two balls for increased winning potential.
  • High RTP rate of 97.3%, promising an attractive return to players.
  • Inside bets include unique payouts like straight bet at 17:1 and split bet at 8:1.
  • Outside bets offer enticing odds such as dozen/column bet at 8:1 and even/odd bets at 3:1.
  • Top online casinos offering this game include BetandPlay Casino, Rooli Casino, Jackpoty, Talismania Casino mit 200%, and Spinanga Casino.
  • Jackpot payout can reach an impressive x1300 multiplier, significantly enhancing the thrill of the game.

Introduction to Double Ball Roulette

Introduced by Evolution in 2016, Double Ball Roulette offers a new take on the classic game. It adds a second ball into play, doubling the excitement and win opportunities. The game boasts a strong return to player (RTP) rate of 97.3%. This means good odds for players. With two balls, you have better chances to win. But, the payouts have been adjusted to keep the game fair.

It is rich in features to make the game more enjoyable. Live streaming, accessible on various devices, enhances the experience. Players enjoy features like statistics tracking, Autoplay, and saving favourite bets. Casinos like BetandPlay Casino and Jackpoty offer this exciting version of roulette.

For inside bets, payouts range from 17:1 for a straight bet to 2:1 for line bets. Outside bets offer different payouts, like 8:1 for dozen/column bets. The game has betting limits from $1 to $1,000. This makes it great for all types of players.

It’s important to understand the rules and strategies for Double Ball Roulette. Stay away from progressive betting because of the second ball’s unpredictability. Favour outside bets for better chances at winning. The jackpot for landing both balls in the same pocket is tempting but rare.

Bet Type Payout
Straight Bet (1 number) 17:1
Split Bet (2 numbers) 8:1
Street Bet (3 numbers) 5:1
Corner Bet (4 numbers) 3.5:1
Line Bet (6 numbers) 2:1
Dozen/Column Bet 8:1
Even/Odd, Red/Black, Low/High Bet 3:1

Playing Double Ball Roulette online involves more than just luck. Knowing the game inside out improves your experience. This version brings extra thrill compared to the classic game. It’s a fun challenge for roulette lovers.

Double Ball Roulette Online Casino

Top Online Casinos for Double Ball Roulette

If you love Double Ball Roulette, many online places offer it. Looking for the best experience means checking the game quality and who makes it. Evolution shines in this area with its innovative live dealer experiences.

BetandPlay Casino

Evolution powers BetandPlay Casino’s Double Ball Roulette, attracting many. It has HD streaming and interactive dealers. Players get flexible betting limits here, fitting all budgets.

Rooli Casino

Rooli Casino is perfect for Double Ball Roulette fans. Thanks to Evolution, you get an exciting experience with multi-angle cameras and pro dealers. It’s secure and easy to use, making it great for roulette.


At Jackpoty, Double Ball Roulette is a must-try. Evolution’s tech brings HD streams and top-notch audio-visuals. There are great bonuses for all types of players.

Talismania Casino mit 200%

Talismania Casino offers Evolution’s Double Ball Roulette with a unique twist. The gaming is top-quality with lively dealer chats. All players, new or regular, high rollers or just starting, find something here.

Spinanga Casino

Spinanga Casino is another great spot for Double Ball Roulette. Evolution’s technology ensures a seamless and lively game. It’s safe for money transactions and has many other games.

Casino Name Game Provider Notable Feature
BetandPlay Casino Evolution High-definition streaming
Rooli Casino Evolution Multi-camera angles
Jackpoty Evolution Immersive dealer interaction
Talismania Casino mit 200% Evolution Robust betting limits
Spinanga Casino Evolution Wide range of games

Understanding Double Ball Roulette Rules

Double Ball Roulette adds an exciting twist by using two balls instead of one. This doubles your winning chances for inside bets and changes how the game is played. It’s important to know the game’s basic rules and the difference between inside and outside bets to play well.

Basic Rules

With two balls, there’s a chance both will land on the same number. This game usually takes place in a live studio with a professional dealer. Bets are placed within a minute before the dealer releases the balls. Two outcomes result from each spin, adjusting how payouts are made.

Inside Bets

Inside bets in Double Ball Roulette offer great chances to win. You win if one or both balls land on your number. Let’s look at some of the payouts:

  • Single-number bet: win 17:1 for one ball, 34:1 for both, with a 5.33% house edge on a Double-Zero Wheel.
  • 2-number bet: 8:1 for one ball, 16:1 for both balls.
  • 3-number bet: 5:1 for one ball, 10:1 for both balls, at a 5.89% house edge.
  • 4-number bet: 3:1 for one ball, 6:1 for both balls, with a 16.9% house edge.
  • 6-number bet: 2:1 for one ball, 4:1 for both balls, and a 7.76% house edge.
  • Double Jackpot Bet: a thrilling 1200:1 if both balls land on the same number, carrying a hefty 16.83% house edge.

Outside Bets

Outside bets are about broader results like high or low, red or black, or specific columns. You need both balls to match the bet criteria to win. Here are some examples:

  • For red or black, both balls must land on the chosen color for a win.
  • Betting on “3rd 12” pays 8-to-1 if both balls land in that range.

Double Ball Roulette offers twice the excitement with its dual-ball feature. It’s a must-try for those looking to spice up their roulette experience. You can find this game at top casinos. With its unique rules and payouts, it appeals to both new and seasoned players alike.

Double Ball Roulette Online Casino

Double Ball Roulette vs. Standard Roulette

Double Ball Roulette stands out because it uses two balls instead of one. This makes it more exciting than standard roulette. Players can find this game at top casinos like BetandPlay Casino, Rooli Casino, Jackpoty, Talismania Casino mit 200%, and Spinanga Casino. It brings new strategies and dynamics to the table.

The house edge in Double Ball Roulette changes with different bets. For a single-number bet, the edge is 5.33% compared to standard roulette’s 5.26%. As players choose more numbers, the house edge shifts. This makes planning your moves more interesting.

Payout ratios in Double Ball Roulette offer unique chances to win big. Hitting a single number pays out 17:1 or 34:1 if both balls land. This two-tier payout system is different from standard roulette. It gives you more ways to win from each spin.

Betting on the outside requires both balls to land to win. This rule adds excitement but also more risk. For bets like Red, Black, or Odd, Even, the payout jumps to 3:1 if both balls hit. This contrasts with standard roulette’s single payout approach.

Double Ball Roulette uses a remote control to launch the balls. This adds a fun twist and requires players to think differently about their strategy. It’s a refreshing change for those used to the classic game.

To compare, here’s a look at Double Ball Roulette versus standard roulette:

Bet Type Double Ball Roulette Payouts Standard Roulette Payouts House Edge (Double Ball) House Edge (Standard)
Single-number Bet 17:1 (one ball), 34:1 (both balls) 35:1 5.33% 5.26%
2-number Bet 8:1 (one ball), 16:1 (both balls) 17:1 5.54% 5.26%
3-number Bet 5:1 (one ball), 10:1 (both balls) 11:1 5.89% 5.26%
Red/Black, Odd/Even, High/Low 3:1 (both balls) 1:1 10.25% 5.26%

Choosing between double ball and standard roulette depends on what you like in a game. Double Ball Roulette is full of new challenges and big wins. It’s an exciting option for those looking to try something different.

Double Ball Roulette Odds and Payouts

Double Ball Roulette spices up the classic game by adding an extra ball. This twist changes the odds and payouts, offering fresh chances for players. Knowing these odds and possible wins is key to smart betting.

Inside Bets Payouts

Inside bets have different payouts here, thanks to the two chances to win. Winning with one ball pays less than usual. But the chance of success is higher.

  • A single-number bet pays 17:1 if one ball hits, and 34:1 if both balls hit.
  • A 2-number bet pays 8:1 for one ball and 16:1 for both balls.
  • A 3-number bet pays 5:1 for one ball and 10:1 for both balls.
  • A 4-number bet pays 3:1 for one ball and 6:1 for both balls.
  • A 5-number bet pays 5:2 for one ball and 5:1 for both balls.
  • A 6-number bet pays 2:1 for one ball and 4:1 for both balls.

Outside Bets Payouts

Outside bets need both balls to win, leading to bigger payouts. The Double Ball Jackpot is the star, offering 1300:1 if both balls pick the same number.

Bet Type House Edge (%) Payout for 1 Ball Payout for 2 Balls
Single-number bet 5.33% 17:1 34:1
2-number bet 5.54% 8:1 16:1
3-number bet 5.89% 5:1 10:1
4-number bet 16.9% 3:1 6:1
5-number bet 9.63% 5:2 5:1
6-number bet 7.76% 2:1 4:1
Double Ball Jackpot 16.83% N/A 1200:1

Double Ball Roulette’s unique setup gives players double the odds for inside bets. The game mixes high odds with the lure of big payouts, like the 1300x Double Ball Jackpot. This creates exciting opportunities for players.

Strategies for Winning Double Ball Roulette

Employing effective strategies can greatly boost your success in Double Ball Roulette. Here are some top methods to think about:

Double Ball Roulette 1300x Strategy

The double ball roulette 1300x strategy bets on a single number, hoping both balls land on it. This can result in a 1300:1 payout. The chance of both balls landing on the same number is around 1/38. This method is risky but offers high rewards. Knowing the odds and the 5.33% house edge for single number bets helps manage bets wisely.

General Tips and Tricks

There are double ball roulette tips beyond specific strategies. Learn the rules, manage your bankroll, and choose bets with better odds. For example, inside bets on a single-zero wheel have a lower house edge of 2.78%. Making smart choices on how much and what to bet can keep you within budget and increase winning chances.

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale Strategy doubles your bet after every loss. This aims to recover losses with a win. It’s effective but risky, requiring a big bankroll and courage. The key is understanding the risks and setting strict limits to prevent big losses.

Strategy House Edge (Double-Zero Wheel) House Edge (Single-Zero Wheel) Expected Return (Red/Black Bet)
Single Number Bet 5.33% 2.78%
Two-Number Bet 5.54% 2.99%
Red/Black Bet 5.26% 2.70% 44.88% / 47.33%

In conclusion, whether you go for high-reward methods like the double ball roulette 1300x strategy or safer ones like the Martingale Strategy, understanding Double Ball Roulette’s unique dynamics improves your gaming. Consider premium Double Ball Roulette games at top sites like BetandPlay Casino, Rooli Casino, Jackpoty, Talismania Casino mit 200%, and Spinanga Casino.

Choosing the Best Double Ball Roulette Online Casino

When picking the best Double Ball Roulette online casino, look at a few important things. Licensing and regulation are top priorities for safe and fair play. Canadian favorites for Double Ball Roulette include casinos like BetandPlay Casino and Rooli Casino. Such sites are well-regulated and follow high gaming standards.

Licensing and Regulation

Select a casino that is properly licensed and regulated. This assures the casino meets legal standards and games are fair. Licensed sites like Jackpoty and Talismania Casino provide trust and security. This is crucial for any real money transactions.

Game Variety and Software Providers

A wide range of games and reputable software providers matter a lot. Evolution Gaming powers the Double Ball Roulette games at these casinos. They are known for introducing innovative features and quality. Evolution Gaming’s version comes with two balls and can multiply wins by up to x1300. >

It also boasts a high Return to Player (RTP) rate of 97.3%.

Bonuses and Promotions

Look for casinos offering great bonuses and promotions. These extras can make your gaming experience better and offer more value. Casinos like BetandPlay and Spinanga have great offers for both new and current players. They stand out among Canadian online casinos.

Payment Methods

Finally, check the available and reliable payment options. Great Double Ball Roulette online casinos provide many ways to deposit and withdraw. Our top picks offer smooth and secure transactions. They meet the needs of Canadian players well.

Double Ball Roulette Demo Mode

The Double Ball Roulette Demo Mode lets players try the game free of risk. It’s great for newbies to learn the ropes and for experts to develop strategies. The demo feels just like playing for cash, ensuring an authentic experience. You can access it on both computers and through mobile apps, including double ball roulette APKs for Android.

Here are some top casinos where you can play Double Ball Roulette Demo Mode:

  • BetandPlay Casino
  • Rooli Casino
  • Jackpoty
  • Talismania Casino mit 200%
  • Spinanga Casino

These casinos offer bonuses up to $8,000, making the experience more rewarding. The demo lets players get comfortable with betting and the unique double ball feature. You can even practice on your phone with a double ball roulette APK for Android.

Payment options in the demo mode include the usual: cards, e-wallets, online banking, and vouchers. This makes moving to real money play easy. Playing in demo mode prepares users well, boosting their confidence for real bets.

Playing Double Ball Roulette on Mobile

It’s super easy and convenient to play Double Ball Roulette on mobile devices now. Thanks to the latest technology, mobile platforms offer an amazing gaming experience. This lets players enjoy their favorite game anywhere, anytime. Let’s look at the two main ways you can play Double Ball Roulette on your mobile device.

Double Ball Roulette Apps

Mobile apps provide a smooth and easy gaming experience, perfect for small screens. They come with easy-to-use interfaces, helping players bet without hassle. You’ll find these apps at places like BetandPlay Casino and Rooli Casino. They’re full of cool features like HD video and live stats to make your game better. No matter if you’re using a phone or tablet, these apps make playing Double Ball Roulette a joy.

Optimized Mobile Sites

If you’d rather not download an app, many online casinos have you covered with mobile-friendly websites. These sites work great on any mobile browser, so you can play top-notch games without a special app. With optimized sites, you still get all the key features, such as saving your favorite bets. Casinos like BetandPlay Casino make sure their mobile sites are as good as their desktop ones. This ensures a fantastic gaming experience wherever you are.

Double Ball Roulette Game Features

Launched by Evolution Gaming in 2016, Double Ball Roulette has won the hearts of many. It introduces two balls into the game, upping the win chances with greater payouts. This version is a hit for its fresh spin on classic roulette.

HD Streaming

High-definition streaming makes Double Ball Roulette stand out. Players enjoy every detail in high clarity, never missing a beat. This top-notch video quality keeps the game flowing smoothly.

Live Dealer Interaction

Interacting with live dealers adds excitement to Double Ball Roulette. It brings a genuine feel, adding professionalism. Dealers help guide the game, making for an engaging experience.

Multi-Camera Immersive View

The game features a multi-camera view, offering different perspectives of the action. This setup lets players see all angles, making them feel right at the table. It’s like being in a casino without leaving home.

Audio and Chat Controls

Players can personalize their experience with audio and chat adjustments. These features allow them to set the sound and talk with others, creating a community vibe. It ensures the game suits everyone’s taste for maximum fun.

Thanks to these features, Double Ball Roulette appeals to both newcomers and veterans. Evolution Gaming’s efforts make it a top pick for an exciting game night. Players can find it at BetandPlay Casino, Rooli Casino, Jackpoty, Talismania Casino mit 200%, and Spinanga Casino.

Evolution Gaming’s Role in Double Ball Roulette

Evolution Gaming has been key in making Double Ball Roulette popular. Launched in 2016, this game shows their dedication to new and interesting table games. They’re known for excellent designs and using the latest tech. This has put Evolution Gaming at the forefront of the online casino world.

Overview of Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is a top name in live dealer games. They are famous for their innovative ideas and superb game design. With Double Ball Roulette, they showed how they can transform classic games. They also have other popular games like Immersive Roulette and Lightning Dice.

Why Evolution Gaming Stands Out

The reasons why Evolution Gaming shines in the crowded online casino field are many:

  • High-Definition Streaming: Their games, including Double Ball Roulette, stream in clear high definition. This brings a real casino feel.
  • Innovative Gameplay Mechanics: Using two balls in Double Ball Roulette leads to two winners per spin. This offers exciting payouts, including a huge 1,300:1 jackpot.
  • Professional Dealers: Evolution Gaming’s dealers make the games more fun and authentic. They interact well with players.
  • Advanced Settings: Features like chatting with the dealer and autoplay enhance the gaming experience. Players can even use split-screen.
  • Extensive Language Support: They offer games in languages like English and German. This makes their games accessible to many people.

Evolution Gaming also partners with top casinos, making Double Ball Roulette available to many. You can find this game at popular sites like BetandPlay Casino and Talismania Casino mit 200%. This helps more players enjoy their innovative game.

With its focus on innovation and player satisfaction, Evolution Gaming continues to be a leader. They provide unmatched gaming experiences across the globe.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Playing Double Ball Roulette

When you play Double Ball Roulette, watch out for mistakes that might hurt your game. Knowing what to avoid makes the game more fun and could increase your wins.

A typical mistake is not learning the game’s rules. Double Ball Roulette uses two balls, changing the odds and payouts. Understanding these differences helps with smarter bets.

Another mistake is poor bankroll management. If you’re betting on red or black, plan for at least 20 units for an hour. For straight-up bets, prepare 50 units. It’s key to gamble only what you can afford to lose.

Some players try to recover losses with impulsive bets. This can drain your bankroll quickly. A disciplined approach and sticking to a strategy help prevent this.

Not understanding the payout structure also trips up players. For example, hitting a selected number with both balls pays 1300:1. Knowing these payouts aids in bet planning.

It’s smart to use online casino features too. Casinos like BetandPlay Casino and others offer demos. This is a chance to practice without risking money.

Last, use safer gambling tools from online casinos to manage your gaming. Comp points, loyalty rewards, and more can make gambling safer and more enjoyable.

Key Considerations Details
Game Rules Familiarize with Double Ball Roulette rules
Bankroll Management Budget at least 20 units for an hour on red/black bets
Betting Strategy Stick to a pre-determined plan, avoid chasing losses
Payout Understanding Know the payout structures, e.g., 1300:1 on specific bets
Utilize Demo Modes Practice on free versions before betting real money
Use Casino Tools Take advantage of safer gambling tools and loyalty rewards


Double Ball Roulette doubles the excitement for fans. With two balls, players get more chances to win. You can make inside bets for high rewards or choose outside bets for safer plays.

This game brings a fresh twist to traditional roulette. Knowing the strategies can boost your enjoyment and winning odds. It’s a rewarding way to play at the casino.

Want to try Double Ball Roulette? Check out BetandPlay Casino, Rooli Casino, Jackpoty, Talismania Casino mit 200%, and Spinanga Casino. These sites offer the game with impressive live streams and friendly dealers.

This version has more winning combos thanks to the two balls. It makes each spin more thrilling.

Always play Double Ball Roulette wisely. Set a budget and learn the game to better your chances. Aim for the big 1300:1 payout with smart plays. Online platforms make it easy to enjoy this game’s unique charm.


What is Double Ball Roulette?

Double Ball Roulette is a new twist on classic roulette. It uses two balls instead of one. This increases your winning chances on inside bets and adds new bet options and payouts. It makes the game more thrilling.

Where can I play Double Ball Rin online?

You can find Double Ball Roulette at sites like BetandPlay Casino, Rooli Casino, and Jackpoty. Talismania Casino mit 200%, and Spinanga Casino also offer it. They feature games from leading providers such as Evolution Gaming.

What are the basic rules of Double Ball Roulette?

To play Double Ball Roulette, you place bets before two balls are rolled on the wheel. For inside bets, winning needs just one ball on your number. Outside bets win if both balls land in the chosen section.

How do the payouts differ in Double Ball Roulette compared to standard roulette?

Double Ball Roulette has different payouts. Inside bets pay less since one ball can win. Outside bets pay more as both balls must win. Landing both balls on a selected number can pay out 1300:1.

What strategies can I use to increase my chances of winning in Double Ball Roulette?

You can try the 1300x Strategy, betting on a single number for both balls. The Martingale Strategy also works by doubling bets after a loss. Know the game, manage your funds, and pick bets wisely to improve your odds.

Can I play Double Ball Roulette on mobile devices?

Yes, you can play Double Ball Roulette on mobiles. There are apps and optimized sites for this. They give a great gameplay experience with excellent graphics and easy-to-use controls.

What is the role of Evolution Gaming in Double Ball Roulette?

Evolution Gaming created Double Ball Roulette. They’re known for top-notch live dealer games with new features. Their Double Ball Roulette has HD video, multiple camera angles, and live dealer chats, making gaming more enjoyable.

Are there any demo versions available for Double Ball Roulette?

Yes, there’s a Demo Mode for Double Ball Roulette. It lets you try the game without betting real money. It’s perfect for learning the game or trying new strategies without risk.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when playing Double Ball Roulette?

When playing Double Ball Roulette, avoid these errors: not knowing the game’s unique rules, bad bankroll management, chasing losses, and not understanding payouts. Being informed and disciplined improves your gameplay.

What are the minimum betting requirements for Double Ball Roulette?

The minimum bets for Double Ball Roulette start at £0.25. This makes it easy for all players to join. Check the online casino’s betting limits to suit your budget.


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