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WINR Protocol offers a unique infrastructure for on-chain games, featuring an autonomous liquidity system and incentive structure on the WINR Chain. This platform is designed specifically for games requiring a counterparty asset vault.

WINR Key Takeaways

# Fact Description
1 Regular Security Audits Periodic audits by reputable firms to ensure code integrity and security.
2 Decentralized Infrastructure A decentralized network to minimize risks of central points of failure.
3 Transparent Transaction Process Clear and verifiable transactions on the blockchain for user trust.
4 Active Development Team A dedicated team consistently working on updates and improvements.
5 Community Governance Decisions made through DAO, ensuring democratic and community-driven changes.
6 Smart Contract Efficiency Optimized smart contracts to reduce gas fees and enhance transaction speeds.
7 Risk Management Features Implemented strategies to manage and mitigate various types of risks.
8 Deflationary Mechanisms Built-in mechanisms to control inflation and enhance token value over time.
9 Multi-Signature Wallets Use of multi-sig wallets for key financial transactions to enhance security.
10 User Education and Support Resources and support for users to understand and safely use the coin.


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The Problems WINR Protocol Solves

The WINR Protocol addresses several challenges that are prevalent in traditional web2 gaming, effectively transforming the landscape for on-chain games of chance. This revolutionary approach brings numerous advantages:

  1. Revolutionizing the Gaming Model: Traditional web2 gaming platforms often struggle with a congested environment due to an abundance of game providers. WINR Protocol streamlines this by offering an all-encompassing solution for on-chain games of chance. This unified platform simplifies the gaming experience, making it more accessible and efficient.
  2. Transparent Liquidity Engine: One of the major challenges for new gaming platforms is attracting liquidity providers (LPs). WINR Protocol introduces a transparent liquidity engine that resolves the issue of fractionalized liquidity. This engine not only eases the burden on new platforms but also instills trust and stability in the ecosystem.
  3. Cost-Effective Development Tools: The development of gaming platforms often involves significant costs, especially in creating and implementing smart contracts. WINR Protocol offers ready-to-use smart contract SDKs and on-chain tools, cutting down development costs substantially. This allows builders to focus more on innovation and less on the technical complexities.
  4. Provably Fair Platforms: Ensuring fairness in gaming is a key concern in the digital space. WINR Protocol provides tools that enable the creation of provably fair gaming platforms. These platforms are not only built using WINR’s tools but also receive approval from the WINR DAO, adding an extra layer of credibility and trust.
  5. Streamlined Tokenomics and Marketing: New platforms often face the uphill task of creating their own tokenomics and raising funds for marketing. By being a part of the WINR ecosystem, platforms can bypass these challenges. They benefit from established tokenomics and a shared marketing framework, allowing them to focus more on game development and user experience.


WINR For Developers

  • Build Seamlessly: Utilize the smart contract game engine for 1-sec finality, ensuring a smooth user experience.
  • DAO Proposals: Submit games to WINR DAO for integration into the WINR Liquidity Pool, enabling direct payouts to players.
  • Incentivize Players: Offer vWINR emissions to players and earn commissions from vWINR minted through your contracts.
  • Join a Vibrant Ecosystem: Become part of a growing community of on-chain game developers.

WINR For Players

  • Immediate Settlement: Games are settled on-chain instantly through immutable smart contracts.
  • Direct Incentives: Receive vWINR instantly on each transaction.
  • Transparent Rewards: Enjoy clear, on-chain promotions without hidden conditions.
  • Decentralized RNG: Experience fair play with tamper-proof random number generation.

WINR For Investors – Liquidity Providers

  • Protected Edge: Your liquidity is mathematically safeguarded.
  • On-chain Incentives: Earn a share of player revenues.
  • Decentralized Reserves: Autonomous reserves prevent misuse of your funds.


Chain as a Backend

  • Dedicated Infrastructure: WINR Chain, built with Arbitrum Orbit, offers a robust backend for iGaming platforms, enhancing efficiency and customization.
  • Cost Efficiency: The dedicated chain offers significant cost benefits over traditional iGaming platforms with centralized backends.

Overview of WINR Chain

  • Privacy and Permissions: Customize privacy settings and smart contract deployment permissions.
  • Gas Price Reliability: Enjoy predictable gas prices thanks to dedicated throughput and traffic isolation.
  • Rapid Innovation: Continuous development opportunities with customizable fee tokens and domain-specific mechanisms.


Cost Efficiency and Advantages of Dedicated Chain

  • Reduced Operational Costs: Elimination of intermediaries, ensuring lower costs and higher efficiency.
  • Enhanced Transparency: Players can verify game fairness, fostering trust and engagement.

Integrating the WLP Pool for Liquidity

  • Seamless Integration: Easy access to risk-managed deep liquidity for all platforms on the WINR Chain.


Decentralized Validators and Reward System

  • Community Participation: Validators secure and validate transactions, contributing to network integrity.
  • Incentives for Security: Validators earn block rewards, promoting network security and decentralization.

On-chain RNG

  • Fairness and Efficiency: Provably fair random number generation ensures transparency in gaming experiences.
  • Instantaneous Transaction Finalization: Rapid settlement of wagers for a seamless gaming experience.
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Provably Fair Random Number Generation

  • Transparent RNG: The blockchain-based RNG process is fully transparent and verifiable.
  • Unique and Unpredictable: Each block contains a unique random seed, ensuring fair game outcomes.

Lightning-Fast Transaction Finalization

  • Rapid Consensus: Validators quickly reach consensus, allowing for near-instantaneous transaction finalization.


Games Provided

  • Expanding Offerings: Introduction of popular web2 games using open-source smart contracts.
  • JustBet and Beyond: Platforms on WINR Chain can leverage these games to attract web2 users.

Games Selection

Shared Accounts (Account Abstraction)

  • Enhanced User Experience: The shared account abstraction model, powered by EIP-4337, provides a unified user experience across various gaming platforms.

Unified Credentials and Balances

  • Streamlined Access: Users authenticate across WINR Chain platforms with uniform credentials.
  • Balance Management: Easy transfer and management of assets across different platforms.

Addressing User Acquisition and Deposit Costs

  • Reduced Friction: Account abstraction lowers the barriers for onboarding new users.
  • Security and Integrity: Assets locked in the Arbitrum Layer 2 WINR bridge reflect in users’ WINR Chain accounts.
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Transaction Fee Coverage

  • Feeless Experience: Transaction fees are covered by smart contracts, enhancing user experience.
  • WINR as Central Token: WINR tokens are used for transaction fees, supporting a healthy token economy.

WINR as Gas Token

  • Innovative Fee Structure: WINR token used as gas, with a portion burned in each transaction.
  • Deflationary Mechanism: Token burning enhances WINR’s scarcity and value.

JustBet Casino Review

Pool Structure

The WINR Liquidity Pool is a multi-asset pool, similar to web2 gaming protocols, containing several ERC20 tokens. Its operation allows for different input and output currencies, offering a versatile and dynamic structure for various gaming applications. Players, for instance, might need to use a specific token as collateral in a leveraged game while receiving payouts in another. The pool’s composition includes USDC, wETH, and wBTC, with specific target weights and buffer mechanisms for each. These configurations are overseen by the WINR DAO and can be adjusted daily based on the pool’s composition.

Swap Mechanism

The Liquidity Pool offers a centralized-like experience for players to withdraw rewards in their preferred token. This trustless mechanism of the WINR Protocol allows players to select their output currency before initiating a transaction, enhancing flexibility and user choice.

WLP Token

Representing the underlying assets in the Liquidity Pool, the WLP ERC20 token is a liquid asset valued in USD, suitable for collateral or farming strategies. Its value appreciates as the pool accrues assets from player losses. WLP can be bought or sold at any time, with a transaction fee range dependent on the associated ERC20 token’s targeted weight. A formula, detailed in the documentation, determines the WLP price, and all rewards are paid out in WLP.

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Risks Involved

Investing in the WLP token involves certain risks. Continuous player wins can deplete the pool’s assets, temporarily lowering WLP’s value. The volatile nature of the assets in USD terms and inherent smart contract risks are other factors to consider, the latter detailed in the Audit section.


The WINR Liquidity Pool employs various rebalancing mechanisms. These include adjusting swap fees and targeted weights by the WINR DAO, incentivizing certain transactions to maintain balance within the pool. Additionally, a built-in swap function facilitates rebalancing through third-party AMMs like GLP.

Use Cases

The WINR Protocol caters to a wide range of gaming and betting platforms, including metaverse casinos, sports betting, and on-chain game betting mechanisms. Its infrastructure also supports rewarding mechanisms like purchasable loot boxes within games.

Token (WINR/vWINR)

WINR, the native token, is integral to the ecosystem, with a portion allocated for vWINR (vested WINR) as ecosystem rewards. These tokens can be staked for real yield in WLP, with flexible vesting options impacting the conversion rate and reward weightings in the bribes pool.


Emission Distribution and Schedule

The Protocol allocates a significant portion of its supply for incentives and liquidity providers. The vWINR minting rate adjusts weekly, depending on transaction volume changes, ensuring a balanced incentive structure.

Probabilistic Rewarding of vWINR

The vWINR minting process involves a probabilistic factor “p”, drawn from a mixed Gaussian distribution. This mechanism creates an exciting reward dynamic for players, with an average tendency around 0.77.

Deflationary Mechanisms

Deflationary strategies include a portion of fees and bribes dedicated to buyback and burn WINR, conversion-related deflation, and a burn fee for unstaking WINR or vWINR. Additionally, certain NFTs within the WINR ecosystem can be purchased by burning WINR.


The WINR Protocol employs a bribes system, where a portion of each transaction is allocated as bribes to the protocol. This mechanism, governed by the WINR DAO, ensures a steady income and value for WINR/vWINR, with a variable multiplier adjusted per epoch.

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Staking WINR/vWINR involves earning rewards in WLP, with a dedicated Rewards contract handling the distribution. An early staking program further incentivizes participation with vWINR rewards.


The Protocol’s daily epochs adjust parameters based on previous statistics, ensuring a balanced emission rate and bribe multiplier to maintain the Liquidity Pool’s health.


WINR Protocol incorporates swap fees and buy/sell WLP fees to maintain targeted weights and liquidity pool health. These fees are redistributed to various stakeholders within the ecosystem, including WLP holders and WINR/vWINR stakers.


Revenue generation in the WINR ecosystem mainly comes from player losses, contributing to the WLP’s growth. The mathematical edge in games ensures a steady increase in the pool’s asset composition, enhancing WLP’s USD value.

Game Engine

The WINR Protocol Game Engine offers a robust framework for developing on-chain games. It simplifies data handling and is backward compatible, minimizing the need for rewrites during upgrades. This engine is pivotal in fostering a dynamic and engaging gaming environment on the blockchain.

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