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Top Best Fantasy Sports Sites (in Australia)

About 1.65 million Australians have played fantasy sports in the last year. It’s as popular as going to a big game at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The best fantasy sports sites in Australia are buzzing with activity. They offer fans a piece of the action. Sites offer big bonuses, up to $200, making fantasy sports betting sites very attractive. It’s not just for fun. It’s a way to use your sports knowledge and play fantasy sports for money.

Best Fantasy Sports Sites List

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Best Fantasy Sports – Key Takeaways

  • The fervour for fantasy sports in Australia is akin to the passion seen in live sporting events.
  • Fantasy sports create a platform for fans to engage deeply with the sports they love.
  • Premier fantasy sports betting sites offer substantial bonuses, enticing a growing number of participants.
  • Amid the competition, discerning players seek the top platforms for their credibility and the potential for monetary gains.
  • Australians embrace the chance to win real money, further driving the popularity of fantasy sports games online.
  • The culture of fantasy sports in Australia blends the excitement of the game with strategic financial gameplay.

Exploring the Top Fantasy Sports Betting Apps and Casinos

The Evolution of Daily Fantasy Sports in Australia

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) in Australia have grown quickly, just like the worldwide trend. Since the launch of Draftstars in 2016, fantasy sports betting and the way people enjoy AFL and NRL has changed. Draftstars and sites like it have become key players in this new era.

A Brief History and the Rise of DFS

Draftstars led the charge in DFS, offering wide contests and big live events. It brought a fresh take from the no limit fantasy sports North Americans love. This shift has caught on with Aussies, showing we’re keen for deep sports involvement.

Understanding Daily Fantasy Sports

In DFS, you mix knowledge with predictions, different from normal betting. SportChamps has stirred things up by introducing fantasy betting tourneys. You use fantasy money, making it strategic like betting but different from regular gambling.

Regulatory Framework: Are Fantasy Sports Gambling?

The line between fantasy sports and gambling is being debated by lawmakers. In Australia, real money and competition blurred that line. But it’s your smarts and alertness that really matter in DFS, not just luck.

Exploring the Top Fantasy Sports Betting Apps and Casinos

Region DFS Market Growth Legal Sports Betting Revenue Notable DFS Platforms Regulatory Status
Australia Surge in casino apps popularity, Draftstars launch Approx USD$690 million (2015-2016) Draftstars, SportChamps Under review, trend towards regulation
North America More than 60 million players, Daily fantasy sport revenue over USD$335 million Over USD$150 billion wagered illegally, Legal revenue in Nevada up by 11.3% to USD$215 million in 2017 DraftKings, Underdog Fantasy Gaming Association active, DraftKings expansion
Canada Blackjack Ballroom casino with over 550 games Progressive in regulating online gaming experience
United Kingdom Nearly USD$19 billion wagered (April 2016-March 2017) Regulated with strong consumer protections

Analysing the Best Fantasy Sports Sites

In Australia, diving into fantasy sports needs you to look at essential features. These features help provide the best fantasy sports fun. With many fantasy sports brands around, Aussies get lots of options tailored just for them.

Key Features That Define Top-Notch Platforms

Some platforms really stand out in the competitive world of fantasy sports. Top apps like FanDuel, DraftKings, Underdog, and PrizePicks mix easy access with deep gameplay. For example, Underdog Fantasy has a high rating of 4.8 in the App Store. This shows it’s trusted. DraftKings attracts players with a deposit bonus up to $100, adding to the excitement.

Software and User Experience

Our thorough testing, including 15 hours of hands-on review, highlights software quality and easy use. Players often switch devices. So, apps like ESPN Fantasy Games work smoothly across all gadgets. This app was the top pick for 43% of fantasy sports players, the FSGA says. It shows their effort in making an easy and fun platform for both newbies and pros.

Accessibility: Mobile Experience on Fantasy Sports Apps

Today, people want to manage their fantasy teams anywhere, so having a good mobile app is key. Ratings prove this point. Betr Fantasy, for example, is highly rated on both App Store (4.7) and Google Play (4.7). FanDuel’s DFS app also does well with a 4.7 on Google Play.

This shows the importance of these apps in places where DFS is allowed. Currently, that’s 33 states in the USA and all of Canada, except Ontario. These numbers highlight the apps’ impact in the fantasy sports world and regulated areas.

Best Fantasy Sports Sites

Deep Dive into Draftstars’ Offerings

In Australia, Draftstars is a top spot for fantasy sports fans. It’s known for a wide fantasy sports list. The fantasy sports NBA is a highlight, featuring big prize pools and exciting ‘Live Final’ events. Draftstars stands out in the fantasy sports online scene with its cutting-edge DraftDay software.

Draftstars isn’t just for NBA lovers. It also welcomes fans of NRL, AFL, and other major leagues. This makes it a go-to for all fantasy sports fans. Plus, its 100% matchup deposit bonus is a big win for new users. This shows Draftstars really thinks about its customers.

What makes Draftstars special is its mix of affordable tournaments and detailed news. This keeps fans in the loop and hooked on the action. Here’s a look at the fantasy sports list and offers from Draftstars:

League Contest Type Entry Fee Prize Pool
NBA Live Finals Varies Up to $100,000+
NRL Regular Season Free to Premium TBC
AFL Guaranteed Prizes Competitive Large Payouts
Other Sports Multiple Formats Accessible Varied

Draftstars shows its strength in the fantasy sports world with its offerings. Its excellent online platform and the excitement of games highlight its top spot in Australia. This cements Draftstars as the best choice for fantasy sports fans.


Exploring SportChamps and Fantasy Betting Tournaments

SportChamps brings a fresh turn to online fantasy sports with its betting tournaments. It’s now a key player in Australia’s fantasy sports gambling scene. People enter competitions using fantasy dollars to bet on different sports. This mix of strategy and combat makes it gripping.

Fantasy Betting: A New Wave

Aussies are loving this new style of fantasy sports that SportChamps offers. It moves away from old fantasy sports games. Both newbies and expert gamblers find it engaging. It mixes the thrill of sports betting with less risk.

Tournaments and Prize Pools on SportChamps

SportChamps showcases various contests with different entry costs. Its prize pools can get really big, sometimes over AU$20,000. These large prizes and easy-to-enter tournaments make it a top site for fantasy sports betting. SportChamps is changing the game for Aussies who love sports.

Best Fantasy Sports Sites

FAQ – Best Fantasy Sports Sites

What are the best fantasy sports sites in Australia?

In Australia, top fantasy sports sites like Draftstars offer lots of contests and big prizes. SportChamps is known for fantasy betting tournaments. Sites such as and are popular too, offering great bonuses for players interested in fantasy sports.

How have Daily Fantasy Sports evolved in Australia?

The growth of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) in Australia has been huge, thanks to sports betting. With Draftstars launching big contests and SportChamps bringing in fantasy betting tournaments, the DFS scene has become more diverse and exciting for players.

Are fantasy sports considered gambling?

Whether fantasy sports are gambling is a tricky question and depends on where you are. In Australia, they mix skill and chance, making them different from usual gambling. But since money is involved, some see them as similar to gambling. The rules around this are still being worked out.

What features make for a top-notch fantasy sports platform?

Great fantasy sports platforms offer a wide selection of sports, are easy to use, and give players a smooth experience. They come with awesome fantasy sports apps for mobiles, letting players manage their teams and place bets on the move.

How does the user experience of fantasy sports apps enhance gameplay?

Fantasy sports apps make it easy for players to set up teams, check scores, and join contests anytime. These apps improve the game by providing updates, stats, and letting players make quick choices, which are key to winning.

What kind of contests and prizes does Draftstars offer?

Draftstars has many contests for sports like NBA, NRL, and AFL, with prizes sometimes over $100,000. They also run ‘Live Final’ events at grand finals, drawing lots of players and offering big cash prizes.

What is the concept behind fantasy betting tournaments on SportChamps?

SportChamps’ fantasy betting tournaments let players use fantasy dollars for bets. This method mixes betting with fantasy contest strategies. Players can enter many tournaments with different fees and win from prize pools often above $20,000.


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