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The Gold Rush Scratch: An Online Game that Strikes Gold

In the pantheon of online scratch card games, the Gold Rush Scratch from Playtech takes the centre stage, offering a riveting and rewarding experience. With a unique game design and a compelling blend of strategy and luck, it captures the essence of the mid-19th century Gold Rush era.

Gold Rush Scratch

Gold Rush Scratch Gameplay

The Gold Rush Scratch game involves three grids in the main game. Aim is to get winning combinations by uncovering the squares on these grids.

The top grid is a 3×5 matrix where you uncover a number from the bottom row that is higher than the value in the middle row of the same column. This means you win the prize indicated in the top row. In the bottom 3×5 grid, matching two cash prizes in the same column will net you the prizes in that column. Finally, a 2×3 grid lets you uncover a Tony symbol to win the cash prize on the same row.


The game begins once you confirm the total bet amount and purchase a card. Each card can be scratched to reveal your potential prize. For a quick reveal, there’s an option of ‘Fast Reveal,’ which exposes all nine fields simultaneously.

Gold Rush Scratch

Automate the Fun

If you want to sit back and enjoy the game unfold, you can opt for the AutoPlay option. This mode lets you select the number of cards to play automatically. The game ends when the designated number of cards have been played or when you run out of credit for the next game.

Payouts and Maximum Win Limit

The Gold Rush Scratch offers multipliers ranging from 1x to 500x. The maximum win limit for the game can be found in the terms and conditions.

Cash-Collect Bonus

Uncovering three Cash-Collect symbols anywhere in the grid in a single round will reveal the bonus. Once the bonus begins, the screen changes to a single 3×5 grid. The bonus features include cash prizes, additional Cash-Collect symbols, or no prize. Each Cash-Collect symbol collects all cash prizes on the screen one more time.

Gold Rush Scratch

Connection Interruptions and Return to Player (RTP)

In the event of disconnection during the main game, you will automatically return to the game after logging in again. If a disconnection occurs during AutoPlay, the current card will be automatically completed, but no further cards will be continued automatically.

The theoretical return to player (RTP) for Gold Rush Scratch is 95.00%, suggesting that, over the long run, for every £100 staked, the expected return is £95.

Remember, in case of malfunction, all pays and plays will be voided.

Gold Rush Scratch – Concluding Thoughts

Gold Rush Scratch from Playtech offers an exhilarating ride through the adventurous era of the Gold Rush, mixed with the thrill of scratching for instant wins. The unique gameplay, attractive bonus features, and the possibility of significant wins make it a must-try for both new and experienced players. So, get your virtual scratcher ready and embark on this gold-seeking adventure today.

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Gold Rush TV Series: A Closer Look

The Discovery Channel’s “Gold Rush” is a reality TV series that delivers the raw and gritty reality of placer gold mining. This TV show, which has become a household name among gold mining enthusiasts and reality TV fans alike, first aired on December 3, 2010.

Show Concept and Genesis

Originally named “Gold Rush: Alaska,” the show’s first season focuses on six men from Sandy, Oregon, who, following an economic downturn, took their fate into their own hands. With little to no experience, they ventured into the daunting world of gold prospecting in Porcupine Creek, Alaska. Their gamble paid off as they managed to recover 14.64 ounces of gold.

Gold Rush TV Series

The Evolution of Gold Rush

The popularity of the show saw its scope and plot expand in subsequent seasons, featuring new teams and mining locations.

Season 2

In the second season, the Hoffman crew moved to Quartz Creek, a new mining site in the Klondike region of Dawson City, Yukon, Canada. Here, they recovered 93.5 ounces of gold valued at approximately $150,000.

Season 3

This season saw the teams expand their operations, with the Hoffman crew mining at two sites. The Turin crew outshone the rest, mining a staggering 803 ounces of gold, which earned them over $1.28 million.

Season 4

The Hoffman crew relocated to South America in the fourth season. Concurrently, Parker Schnabel leased new land at Scribner Creek. Schnabel had a breakthrough, mining 1,029 ounces worth $1.4 million, and thereby breaking Todd Hoffman’s single-season record.

Season 5

The fifth season saw Parker mining 2,538 ounces of gold valued at just under $3 million. The Hoffmans weren’t far behind, mining 1,349 ounces of gold valued at just over $1.6 million.

Season 6

In this season, Parker mined 3,372 ounces of gold worth almost $3.5 million. The Hoffmans continued their streak with 3,032 ounces of gold worth just over $3 million.

Season 7

Parker Schnabel and his crew finished this season with just over 4300 ounces of gold, raking in excess of $5 million.

Season 8

Schnabel’s crew mined 6,280 ounces of gold in the Yukon, with an approximate value of $7.5 million.

Season 9

Parker’s crew exceeded his 7,000 goal at Scribner Creek, mining 7,427.25 ounces worth nearly $9 million.

Season 10

Parker Schnabel ended his season 204 ounces short of his record year. However, the 7,223 ounces mined netted him over $1 million more than in season 9 due to reduced royalties, as he mostly mined his own ground. His gold haul was worth a staggering $10.8 million.

Gold Rush Season 11

The 2020 mining season was marred by the COVID-19 pandemic. Although miners were considered essential workers by the Yukon government, filming and mining were affected due to travel lockdowns, and the RAW TV production crew was stuck in Britain at the start of the filming season.

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