Twitch’s Chief Executive Stresses on the Essential Role of Regulation for Online Gambling Streams

Regulation for Online Gambling Streams for 2023! While the popular streaming platform, Twitch, has a somewhat intricate history with gambling, its recent measures distinctly portray its apprehensions. Twitch ushered in a fresh policy on October 18, aimed at curtailing gambling streams, effectively putting a halt to specific sites like Stake, Roobet and Rollbit on its network.

Twitch's Chief Executive Stresses on the Essential Role of Regulation for Online Gambling Streams


A direct repercussion of these prohibitions led Stake to inaugurate its own streaming site, Kick, which bears a more relaxed attitude towards gambling streams. Nevertheless, in a discussion on May 31 with the streamer Filian, Twitch’s CEO, Dan Clancy, shed some light on the issue, stressing that the bans were not against gambling per se, but rather the „unregulated“ character of certain websites and streams.

Twitch CEO Dan Clancy

In the course of their conversation, Filian sought to understand the kind of gambling streams that Twitch had banned, citing her own streaming of a poker event, which seemed to puzzle her viewers, as it inherently involved gambling. Clancy’s response pointed towards the gambling sites as the main problem, not the act of gambling itself. In his words, „The stumbling block was with these unregulated offshore gambling sites… These sites function without any supervisory check to maintain fair odds in their games, tweaking their rules without any regulatory oversight.“

Twitch's Chief Executive Stresses on the Essential Role of Regulation for Online Gambling Streams 2

Adding to his point, Clancy noted that Twitch had unearthed a considerable volume of money being channelled from their platform into these unregulated gambling sites, sparking worries about the welfare of their community. He elaborated, „Our creators were guiding their communities and bonds built on Twitch towards these sites, with a significant amount of money at stake for a handful of creators. We concluded this was counterproductive for the community, and so, we blocked unregulated sites.“

Twitch CEO Dan Clancy

Clancy, however, was keen on highlighting that streaming gambling in itself does not constitute an issue. The platform’s worry stems from creators who give prominence to unregulated gambling sites in their broadcasts. When probed if Twitch would contemplate lifting the ban on these sites provided they became regulated and aligned themselves with the gambling laws of most leading countries, Clancy voiced his personal view that Twitch would be receptive to such a move. But he was also unwavering in his belief that if these sites neglect to abide by consumer protection laws, Twitch should not entertain them on their platform.

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