Drake and Stake Livestream + $1,000,000 giveaway returns this weekend

Drake and Stake Livestream – Make sure to join, as it’s going to be incredibly exciting! 🔥

Drake’s association with Stake has been making the news recently.

Drake and Stake Livestream

Here’s some more information about the Drake and Stake collaboration:

Stake.com announced on Twitter that a $1m giveaway event involving Drake will be returning this weekend on Kick. Stake and Drake will collaborate to bring an entirely new gaming experience to users, which will include an evening of interactive engagement where fans and users will have the opportunity to win big alongside Drake.

  • For a chance to win, users should email their phone number and username to winwiththeboy@stake.com. The giveaway is of a magnitude unseen before, so it’s not something to miss. More information about when the live stream will take place will be provided soon.

The history of Drake and Stake goes back a while. Drake, the hip-hop sensation, has been a long-time member of the Stake community. Rising through the ranks of the VIP program, Drake fell in love with both the platform and the benefits associated with the VIP program. This led to the formation of a partnership based on mutual appreciation between the mega-star and the product.

You can explore some of Drake’s favorite games and sports to get a real sense of his playstyle. Stay tuned for more exciting news about this collaboration.

Drake v Stake stream

Which time is 8PM EST in my country?

Here’s the time conversion for June 3, 2023, 8 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST, which is UTC-5). Guys! Keep in mind that some countries apply daylight saving time, which might shift the time an hour forward or backward.

  1. Pacific Standard Time (PST, USA and Canada, UTC-8): 5:00 PM, June 3
  2. Mountain Standard Time (MST, USA and Canada, UTC-7): 6:00 PM, June 3
  3. Central Standard Time (CST, USA and Canada, UTC-6): 7:00 PM, June 3
  4. Atlantic Standard Time (AST, Canada, UTC-4): 9:00 PM, June 3
  5. Newfoundland Standard Time (NST, Canada, UTC-3:30): 9:30 PM, June 3
  6. Argentina Time (ART, UTC-3): 10:00 PM, June 3
  7. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT, UK and Ireland, UTC+0): 1:00 AM, June 4
  8. Central European Time (CET, Central Europe, UTC+1): 2:00 AM, June 4
  9. Eastern European Time (EET, Eastern Europe, UTC+2): 3:00 AM, June 4
  10. Moscow Standard Time (MSK, Russia, UTC+3): 4:00 AM, June 4
  11. Iran Standard Time (IRST, Iran, UTC+3:30): 4:30 AM, June 4
  12. Gulf Standard Time (GST, Arabian Peninsula, UTC+4): 5:00 AM, June 4
  13. Indian Standard Time (IST, India, UTC+5:30): 6:30 AM, June 4
  14. Bangladesh Standard Time (BST, Bangladesh, UTC+6): 7:00 AM, June 4
  15. Indochina Time (ICT, Southeast Asia, UTC+7): 8:00 AM, June 4
  16. China Standard Time (CST, China, UTC+8): 9:00 AM, June 4
  17. Japan Standard Time (JST, Japan, UTC+9): 10:00 AM, June 4
  18. Australian Western Standard Time (AWST, Western Australia, UTC+8): 9:00 AM, June 4
  19. Australian Central Standard Time (ACST, Central Australia, UTC+9:30): 10:30 AM, June 4
  20. Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST, Eastern Australia, UTC+10): 11:00 AM, June 4
  21. New Zealand Standard Time (NZST, New Zealand, UTC+12): 1:00 PM, June 4
  22. Samoa Standard Time (SST, American Samoa, UTC-11): 4:00 PM, June 3
  23. Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (HAST, Hawaii and the Aleutian Islands, UTC-10): 3:00 PM, June 3

Remember that not all countries are included here and there are many other time zones. Some countries like China and India use a single time zone nationwide, while others like the United States and Canada span multiple time zones. In addition, some countries and territories adjust their clocks for daylight saving time, and not all do this on the same date. This list provides an approximation but may not be accurate for every location. Please use a reliable world clock or time zone converter for precise times.

Short Facts about Drake and Stake Livestream

What is WinWithTheBoy on Stake.com?

WinWithTheBoy on Stake.com refers to a live event announced by the popular rapper Drake, also known as “Champagne Papi“. The event, known as “Drake on Stake,” is a collaboration with the Canadian online gambling platform Stake. Known for his fondness for making substantial bets on sports events and games of chance, Drake announced this event without specifying an official date. During the event, he plans to play and win real money, which he intends to give to his fans. The date for this upcoming event is yet to be announced.

How many monthly listeners does Drake have on Spotify?

As of the current data, Drake has 70.6 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Where to find more inforamtions about?

Checkout their twitter accounts:

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